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Friday, October 28, 2005

Lyrics I Made

Hey, I decided to post a lyrics I made awhile ago. Warning: this might offend some people because of the offensive language. This is what happens when you hear waaaay too much Suicidal Tendencies on the way to the office.....

Send Me Your Hate

I know that I am hated
Love is just a fantasy
No one cares
No one gives a fuck

Why should I care if you are dying?
Why should I care that you care about me?
Fuck you, fuck her, fuck him
Fuck everyone in this world

Br: This ain't no love song
Because love is so wasted

Ch: Send me you hate
Send it with care
Send it with love
Never mind it's insincere

Some people gets all the love
Living in a fuckin' bubble world
Life is one big fairytale
Motherfuckers must die!

Kill everyone
Kill my sorrow
Kill my pain
Kill my fuckin' self

Repeat Br, Ch


You can say I'm depressed
I'm over the edge
I'm crazy as hell
The truth is I don't give a fuck

Repeat BR, CH until fade


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